Summoners War

Summoners War Walkthrough

At the start, the player will be offered training in the first chapter of the story company. Company (Subject) consists of 13 chapters:

  1. Karen Forest – here you can get the runes of the Power set. The monsters of the location belong to the elements of Wind, Fire and Water. Passing is easy.
  2. Mountains of Siz – you can get a set of Runes “Onslaught”. The monsters of the location belong to the elements of Wind, Fire and Water. Passing is easy.
  3. Ruins of Kabir – you can get a set of runes “Blade”. The monsters of the location belong to the elements of the Wind.
  4. Snowy Mountains Ragon – Runes are mined. The monsters of the mountains belong to the elements of Water, and Garuda belongs to the Wind.
  5. Teline Forest – Focus Runes mined. Monsters of the forest – Fire, Water, Wind.
  6. Haydeni Ruins – you can knock out the Guardian runes. The monsters of the location belong to Water.
  7. Tamor Desert – Strength runes fall from opponents. All enemies belong to the Wind.
  8. Ruins of Vrofugus – the runes of the Shield set fall. The monsters of the location belong to the element Fire.
  9. Volcano Faimon – runes “Answer” are mined. You will expect the elements of Fire and Darkness.
  10. Aiden Forest – here you can get the “Will” runes. Monsters, mainly the elements of Darkness.
  11. Ferun Fortress – you can find the “Revenge” kit. Opponents meet different elements. Mostly Fire and Darkness.
  12. Runar Mountains – gets the Vampire Kit. Mostly the mountains are inhabited by Light.
  13. Cheruk ruins – here are runes “Destruction”. You will have to fight with Water and Wind.

With each new stage of passing opponents become stronger. In principle, passing locations is not difficult. One has only to understand what skills the enemies have. These skills can be seen in the collection of Monsters, because all the enemies in the story campaign can become your characters.

Each card has three difficulty levels:

  1. Normal.
  2. Hard.
  3. Hell.

The higher the level of passage, the higher the quality of the runes will fall. The number of each chapter indicates not only the order of passage (stories open in turn), but also in which slot the rune will fall. In the 1st chapter – the rune falls in the first words, in 2 – in the second and so on. From the boss in Chapter 7, any rune from the kit that falls on the current map can fall.

If you lack some runes, you can enter the company and fill yourself with the missing relics.

Dimension Split

The Dimension Cleavage opens after passing the Ruins of Charuk (in Normal mode). A split appears once a day in a random location. Passing the Split requires more energy than passing other cards, but on the other hand, you can earn more experience and mana. Runes and Monsters in a split do not drop out.

To enter the split it is necessary to have not only a certain amount of energy, but also a crystal of measurements. It can be obtained by completing daily tasks or in the workshop. You can store 10 crystals at a time.

In the Cleavage of Dimensions, the battle takes place as in other activities, only the help of a friend or mentor is not available here.

Test Tower

The tower consists of 100 floors. Floors are held in turn. To open the next floor, you must complete the battle on the current. With each floor, the strength of opponents increases.

On every 10th floor the boss is waiting for you. For defeating him, the player receives a good reward. Each floor is walked 1 time. Each month, the progress of the Tower is reset, and the passage should begin from the 1st floor. Here, as in Split, you cannot take the help of a friend or mentor.

World boss

When a player passes the Dimension Split at least once, the World Boss will appear on the World Map. You can summon a super – monster to battle 3 times a day. Any heroes from level 15 to 20 can fight. Food cannot beat (these are monsters with silver stars). Each character can enter the battle with the World Boss only 1 time per day.

After the end of the day, the damage caused to the boss will be calculated. Depending on the amount of damage, players are awarded a reward. If the server defeats the boss, then all participants in the battle will receive additional prizes.

Otherworldly raid

3 players can take part in the raid. You can create a team yourself, or you can join an existing one using the quick search. You can invite friends and guild members to your team.

Construction. Each raid participant must put 6 heroes into the fray. They become in 2 rows. The front row takes more damage, so it is recommended to put monsters with a high level of health in it. Warriors in the back row take 25% less damage, compared to 1 row. Damage taken by fighters of the 1st row is distributed to all monsters. Therefore, the more heroes in the front row, the less they get injured. Accordingly, less damage takes place in the back row.

Battle. Players will have to fight with the three-headed monster, or rather with each head separately. Moreover, all goals have 1 health scale. Leader skills and debuffs apply to all 3 teams. But the effects of the same leader skills are not cumulative. Buffs apply only to members of your team. The battle takes place automatically.

If you swipe left or right across the screen, you can see how the allies are fighting. Battles take place in real time. In battle mode, the damage rating of each participant is displayed. You can also see what runes are dressed on your friend’s monsters. You can only chat with Raid members in a chat.

Defeating the Raid boss, you can get stones that change or improve the additional properties of the runes.

Steps 2 and 3 open after passing through stage 1. But in order to proceed to the next stage, it is required to inflict 15% (by 3 – 30%) of the total number of damage. Rewards are distributed by the amount of damage done.

Otherworldly dungeons

In the Otherworldly Dungeons, players battle bosses of 5 elements, each of which is endowed with his own unique skills. Bosses are immune to all debuffs. They use their abilities to increase the attack scale by a certain percentage. These Dungeons open after completing Stage 1 of the Otherworldly Raid.

Construction. You can take 6 heroes into the fray and arrange them in rows depending on the role of each fighter. Monsters in the 2nd row take 25% less damage than the soldiers of the 1st row. The build system is identical to the Beyond Raid system.

Confusion. When the boss’s health bar drops to 0, he falls into a state of Confusion in which he takes more damage and is vulnerable to debuffs. The more attacking champions, the longer Confusion lasts. Gradually, the boss leaves this state. After the action of Confusion comes to an end, the monster restores its health scale, and attacks the enemy with even greater force. If you defeat the boss a second time – he will not rise.

Reward. From the Dungeon, you can get materials to improve buildings, to create runes and Homunculus, runes, magic and polished stones. The more the player inflicted damage to the boss and the longer the opponent was in a state of Confusion, the more prizes he will receive.

Dimension Hole

There are several rooms in the Dimension Hole. For each hall, certain conditions must be met in order to enter it. Two or more monsters of the same species cannot enter one hall at the same time.

Each hall has 3 zones:

  1. Dungeon Dimensions.
  2. Secondary Awakening Dungeon.

In each zone of the player await unique rewards. The hole opens after passing the 1st stage of the Beyond Raid.

Energy. When passing the location, a special type of energy of the Measurement Hole is used. It will take 2 hours to replenish 1 unit. A battle requires 1 unit.

Ancient Guardians. In the battle with the Ancient Guardians, there are 3 phases. For each phase, 2 monsters are summoned. Sentinel skills vary depending on the monsters that he has called. After victory you can get antique runes, antique magic and polished stones. Each room has different runes. Parameters of runes and stones from the Hole of Dimensions are much higher than ordinary runes.

Dungeons of secondary awakening. In these rooms, the bosses are the monsters who received a secondary awakening. Their skills are much higher than those of heroes with simple awakening. As a prize, the player can get antique magic stones that are needed for antique reforging stones.