Summoners War

Summoners War Rune Guide (Stats, Locations, & Builds)

In this guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know about runes.

I will break down what runes you can get, how to get them, which runes to use on your monsters and at the end of this guide I will show you how to get the best runes possible through efficient rune farming.

Runes are items that you can power up and equip on your monsters to make them stronger.

There are currently 6 rune slots available for each monster. When you equip a certain set of runes, you will get bonus stat effects.

For example, if you equip 4 fatal runes, you will get the set bonus of attack +35%. Some set effects require 2 to get a bonus while others require 4.

Below is a quick table to show you the effects and where to get them.

Rune Table

NamePicSet EffectSet PiecesDrop LocationWhen to Use
Rarity Drop+0+1+3+6+9+12

Keep in mind runes with higher starting rarity will always have higher stats because they start with 4 substats.

You just have to hope you get the right stats you’re looking for on a high rarity rune.

Rune main stat choices

Every rune has a main stat and for the main stat you are pretty much always looking for a % based main stat on slots 2,3,6 unless you are going for speed in slot 2.

Flat stats in these slots are almost always sold because they are so much weaker than % based runes.

Rune SlotOptions Available
2ATK/ATK (%)/DEF/DEF (%)/HP/HP (%)/Spd
4 ATK/ATK (%)/DEF/DEF (%)/HP/HP (%)/Crit Rate (%)/Crit Dmg (%)
6ATK/ATK (%)/DEF/DEF (%)/HP/HP (%)/Resistance (%)/Accuracy (%)

Rune Stat Effects:

  1. ATK – Offers flat attack damage
  2. ATK(%) – Offers percentage damage
  3. DEF – Offers flat defense
  4. DEF(%) – Offers percentage defense
  5. Spd – Offers flat attack speed increase
  6. HP – Offers flat health points
  7. HP(%) – Offers percentage health point increase
  8. CRI Rate(%) – Offers percentage critical rate increase
  9. CRI Dmg(%) – Offers percentage critical rate damage increase
  10. Resistance(%) – Offers percentage resistance to harmful effects
  11. Accuracy(%) – Offers percentage accuracy to inflicting status effects

Built-in rune stats

Runes can have an in-built stat located right under the main stat. This stat is random, will never power up, and stops the rune from rolling into this stat as a substat.

Min-Max Stat Values For Runes

Below is a table that will show you how much of each stat you can potentially gain from powering up your runes.