Asphalt 9

How to Get More Free Credits

Since credits are needed for every performance upgrade you make to any car, you’re never really going to have enough of them. The more cars you have and the better they become, the more pronounced this need will be, as every level of upgrade carries a higher cost.

Fortunately, you get credits with every race you run, but there are ways to speed up your earning power. The first thing to look for is My Career races that have multiple goals. Every goal you hit in a race earns you a flag, which can help unlock more solo seasons, but beyond that, every one also carries a credit reward. Knocking out three flags in one race brings three times the credits, so prioritizing those races is a good idea. While you are in My Career, make sure to check out the map of your current season as there are occasionally nodes you will unlock that give you a quick infusion of credits.

Asphalt 9

The other place to earn some quick faux cash is in Daily Events, where you will see races for each class of car that yields credits as a reward. If you can beat the best target time, you can actually win yourself four different credit rewards from just one race, so it pays to have a car in each class that you have maxed out in terms of performance just for this reason alone.