Asphalt 9

How to Gain More Fuel

There should be much rejoicing at the fact that Asphalt 9 does not have an overarching energy system that controls how much you can play in one session. What it does have, though, is in some ways a bit worse, because each car in your collection had its own separate supply of gas, which tops out at six units. That means you can only play six races with any given car until you either wait for the gas to refill or take action to get more right away.

Asphalt 9: Legends

You have multiple options for doing the latter. The first is to speed up the time you need to wait by paying Tokens, or, since we’re trying to keep it free here, by agreeing to watch ads. Depending on the length of the refill time, you may have to watch more than one ad, but whenever you’ve satisfied the requirement, your entire fuel tank gets filled, so it’s not all that bad, all things considered.

(There’s probably also a limit to how many videos you can watch in one day, but we haven’t run into that yet.)

If all the vehicles in your garage are running low on gas, the thing you’ll want to try to do is rank up your reputation, as each time you level your profile up, you get a fuel refill for every car, no matter how many you own. Obviously, this is a pretty nice reward, and since you get reputation points for literally every race you enter, solo or multiplayer, you’re constantly working on this at all times.