Asphalt 9

Asphalt 9: Trick Guide

Performing tricks of varying difficulty is an ideal option to fill the nitro scale, which means increasing the chances of winning. Try to master all kinds of tricks as quickly as possible to show your skills in racing.

Types of tricks. Your car can perform tricks:

  • U-turn on the ground . It is done by double pressing the brake.
  • U-turn in the air . It is done by entering the car on the springboard and double-clicking on the brake.
  • Barrel Turn in the air at an angle through the entrance of the car on a special swirling springboard.
  • Drift . Entering the car into a turn with a single pressure on the brake.
  • Flight . Driving in the air either by acceleration on a springboard, or as a result of a fall.

What you need to know about tricks. Keep in mind that performing tricks, such as flying in the air, not only fills the nitro scale, but also lengthens the trajectory of your car. As a result, opponents who do not perform the trick overtake you on the ground. Depending on the quality of the stunt and the model of the car on which it is performed, the nitro scale is added faster or slower. And it depends on this in the future whether you can accelerate as much as possible and regain your advantage in the race, or not.

Pay attention to the nitro characteristics of your car – they are all different, but a lot depends on these parameters.There are definitely cars with high nitro utilization in your garage. On such machines, you obviously can not catch up with rivals at the finish.

Asphalt 9

Asphalt 9: How to make a nitro wave?

Nitro-wave is the maximum nitro level in Asphalt 9. Among all types of nitro, this ends the fastest, but acceleration also adds maximum. The color of the strip is purple.

How to perform a nitro wave? When the nitro scale is full, double-tap the nitro twice to activate the Nitro wave. If everything is done correctly, then the strip will turn purple.

Asphalt 9

Asphalt 9: How to make the perfect nitro?

An ideal nitro is faster than a simple nitro, but not as fast as a nitro wave. It is used mainly on difficult surfaces (grass, sidewalks), as well as on curbs that slow down the speed of the car. The color of the perfect nitro on the scale is blue.

How to make? To be able to use the perfect nitro, you first need to collect the required number of gas cylinders or perform tricks. Further:

  1. Click on the Nitro icon once. The scale starts to decrease on the right.
  2. As soon as the right white end of the scale is in the blue sector, press the nitro button again.
  3. If you did everything correctly, then the nitro scale will change from yellow to blue. The perfect nitro is made.
Asphalt 9

Asphalt 9: Nitro General Guide

The necessary reserves of nitro (as well as its timely inclusion) lead you to victory in the race. Nitrous oxide in the game is “scattered” along the tracks. You need to remember their location and try to pick up as much as possible.A big role in filling the nitro scale is played by the tricks made and your ability to shoot down opponents. You always see the nitro scale at the top of the screen. It is filled, respectively, as the collection of nitro.

How to collect nitro? As in other versions of Asphalt, there are four main options for collecting nitro:

  1. Collecting gas cylinders as you progress through the route. Just do not miss the cylinders and you can accumulate a decent supply of nitro;
  2. Performing tricks . Drifts, U-turns, jumps, barrel element, etc. Do not forget that the longer the duration of the performed trick, the more nitro it will bring.
  3. Ram rivals . A great way to accumulate nitro and remove obstacles on the track.
  4. Destruction of obstacles (garbage). It gives a relatively little nitro, but you can also earn.

Nitro levels. To use nitro, click on the “Nitro” icon in the lower right corner – a round button in the form of a balloon. The game has four modes of nitro, which can be alternated by clicking on the “Nitro” icon.

  1. Level 1. Simple nitro. A single tap is the slowest but most economical mode. Yellow bar on the scale. Nitro is enough for a longer time.
  2. Level 2. Double tap on nitro. Orange stripe. A little faster than perfect nitro. We can say that this is an “intermediate” stage between perfect nitro and simple nitro.
  3. Level 3. Perfect nitro. A successive press increases speed, but also depletes faster than a simple nitro. Blue bar on the scale.
  4. Level 4. Nitro wave. Double click on nitro when the nitro scale is full. Provides maximum auto acceleration. Violet bar on the scale.

Keep in mind that the higher the nitro level, the more difficult it is to drive and enter corners. Even with automatic touchdrive control, you’ll have to try to make the perfect turn on the nitro wave. In the case of an unsuccessful stunt, you risk not only time, but also your car.

Nitro consumption. The consumption of nitro increases in increasing order, depending on the level (see above). Performing tricks and collecting cylinders adds scale indicators, but nitro is consumed quickly enough if you choose a car that does not meet the necessary parameters for the race, or you use nitro-waves rashly. To win the race, monitor your expenses and do not waste nitro in vain.

Asphalt 9

Best Asphalt 9 Class S Cars

This is the ultimate class of cars in the game, having the fan favorite Koenigsegg to the not-so-favorite Lamborghini Centenario. Honestly, the Centenario is not a bad car to race with but, in a class where you have the Koenigsegg and Bugatti along with Trion Nemesis and Zenvo, it is hard to climb further in the list.

asphalt 9 best class s cars
  1. Koenigsegg Jesko
  2. Bugatti Chiron
  3. Koenigsegg Regera
  4. Trion Nemesis
  5. W Motos Fenyr Supersport
  6. Zenvo TS1
  7. Lamborghini Terzo Millenio
  8. W Motors Lykan Hypersport
  9. Icona Vulcano
  10. Lamborghini Egoista
  11. Ferrari FXX-K
  12. Lamborghini Centenario
Asphalt 9

Quick car guide for new players

Tier 1 cars: Definitely obtainable

Tier 2 cars: Reliably obtainable

Tier 2.5 cars: Available at all times, but difficult to get BP

Tier 3 cars: Dream on gal (Event specific or limited edition)

Notable cars:(D class)

T1. Easy to get, good stats for mid D class. Obtainable from daily loot.

E tense:
T1. Easy to get, easy to drive, unlock in career

T2.5. Not maxable from career, bps are rarer. Insanely easy to drive. Required to finish lotus season and get the import part.

T2.5. Its notable to not get this car. Its too much hassle for what it’s worth, which is a very average car at best.

T1. Abit hard to max, can 2 star from career. Currently king of class D

T2. Harder to max, performance similar to Hemi, obtainable mainly from MP. Also a king of class D(C class)

T1. Trash, but the first C class car you get. Its worse than the lancer, trust me. Obtainable from daily car hunt

T1. First good class C car that you’ll unlock. It’s a little hard to drive, but has good speed. Obtainable from career mainly.

Amg Gts:
T2. 2nd highest speed in class C, and king of the weekly competition. Hard to unlock from career, mainly obtainable by the class C cup. I highly recommend maxing this car any chance you get.

Viper acr:
T2.5. Can unlock from career but insanely hard to max. First “easy” car to drive in class C, with good nitro and handling.

T2. Obtainable from its special cup (every 2 weeks). Good accel, and good mp car. Requires M4 to get import parts.

Bmw M4:
T2-T2.5. This one is a weird case. Its a good car, but you purposely have to do badly in multiplayer to obtain it (bronze and silver). Its slightly better than the Rezvani and ACR, but whether its worth sacrificing the better cars or not I’ll leave it to you.

Pinninfarina and NSX:
T2.5. 2 of 3 queens in class C. Both insanely hard to acquire normally, only available mainly in packs and their class cup. Pinninfarina has high handling, while NSX has high accel, and both have above average top speed for class C

T?. Unconfirmed, but could possibly be a Tier 2.5 car, similar to the nsx. Its good only when maxed, and was previously only available in a special event.

T3. King of class C, impossible to acquire unless an encore returns. Insanely high speed, previously obtainable only during chiron event.(Class B)

Porsche 911:
T1. Not the best, but its a start. Average everything, and obtainable via daily loot.

T1. Your first decent class B car, obtainable thru daily quest. Good speed, acceleration and nitro, and when you max this, you can get an additional 15 tokens a day instead.

Ferrari 488:
T2. Harder to acquire, but its basically the middle ground of class B cars. Reliable, and better than the asterion at max stars.

T2.5. A weird car, it used to be really good, but after the nerfs, you would be hard pressed to find anyone use it in MP. I recommend maxing it because GL seems to have an obsession with using this car to get other cars.

Cien concept:
T2. Obtainable from weekly special event. A car that no one really likes but maxes just because it helps them get the vlf. High speed tho

Ferrari F12:
T2.5. The best class B car that can be reliably acquired. High speed and nitro, obtainable from MP.
Edit: Due to the month long seasons, its going go be harder to get the f12 bp since they only ever appear on MP packs and overpriced LS.

Chevrolet Corvette GS:
T3. An insanely easy drive, and a favourite of many. This is what happens when you have the highest handling in the game. Its event specific, but GL does enjoy bringing it back occasionally, so unlocking it isnt too out of the realm of possibility.

Apollo N and Hurracan Evo:
T3. Twin kings of class B, both were only available during special events. The evo comes back more frequently than the apollo N, so there will be more opportunities to get it.(Class A)

T1. Daily car loot event, actually decent starter car thats relevant in MP. Good acceleration and decent speed.

Nissan GTR and Viper gts:
T2. Both cars that come in next to the vulcan on the tier list. They can easily be obtained. The gts can be acquired from the weekly class cup, and the GTR can be acquired from career. The GTR has the best acceleration in the game, and the gts is an average mid-A class car.

T2.5. Unlockable through career, up to 1 star only. Blueprints are so ridiculously difficult to get for this car that its a meme at this point. Not worth the hassle, especially when you can get the two cars below.

Mclaren P1:
T2. Probably your first good class A car. Obtainable through MP (Silver and up). Decent at many things, and will serve you well until you get…

Vlf Force:
T2. The best car that can easily be acquired, the vlf comes from its weekly special event. Good everything, it’s the 3rd-4th best car in class A.

Porsche 918, huayra and both Aventadors:
T3. All are special event cars that are hard to acquire. They are the queens of class A (debatable) and may probably come back in the future.

Mclaren 570s:
T3. Current king of class A. Its encore just ended, so it wont come back in a while. High speed, accel, handling, with nitro being it’s only real downside.
Previously obtained in the Chiron event.

Genty akylone: Meme(Class S)

T1. First class S car, though its hard to drive and probably performs worse than a vulcan at earlier stars. Obtainable through daily car loot.

Icona and FXXK:
T2. The next 2 S class cars you will get, and are serviceable at best. Mostly obtained from career and class cups. The Icona has better speed but is harder to drive, while the FXXK has good nitro and is easier to drive.

T2.5. Obtainable from class cups, its the car that unlocks the w motors season. It has a lower drop rate than the Icona and FXXK and BP for this car only appear late in career, in the pro and elite class S seasons and the W motors season.

For now, these are the 4 basic S class cars (Centenario, Icona, Fxxk and Lykan).

T2.5. Obtainable from its special event, its the second best car you can reliably get. High top speed, low nitro, hard car to drive but insanely good if you’re skilled. Requires special event cars (rezvani, cien and vlf)

T2.5. Obtainable from being platinum or legend, its hard as hell to get, but its the 3rd best car in the game. Good at everything, its definitely a late game car to aim for, and the best car you’ll probably be able to get.

Chiron and regera:
T3. Twin kings of the game, they possess the best stats in the game. They are basically impossible to obtain if you weren’t there for their events.

Asphalt 9

Best Asphalt 9 Class A Cars

Class A has some insanely fast cars but nothing beats the Genty Akylone. The Nissan GT NISMO is a car from this car you might not want to upgrade as there are already way too many incredible cars in this class.

asphalt 9 best class a cars
  1. Genty Akylone
  2. Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta
  3. Pagani Huayara BC
  4. McLaren 570S
  5. Porsche 918
  6. VLF Force One
  7. Lamborghini Aventador J
  8. Ferrari 812 Superfast
  9. Lamborghini Aventador SV
  10. McLaren P1
  11. Ferrari LaFerrari
  12. Dodge Viper GTS
  13. Ferrari J50
  14. Aston Martin Vulcan
  15. Nissan GT NISMO
Asphalt 9

Best Asphalt 9 Class B Cars

Class B has some incredible cars and the Apollo N surely tops the list. Moreover, the Lamborghini Huracan is a fan favorite as well from this class of cars. The Porsche 911 GTS is a great car too but, it falls terribly short in comparison to other cars in the list. Hence, its bottommost position.

asphalt 9 best class b cars
  1. Apollo N
  2. Lamborghini Huracan
  3. Chevrolet Corvette GS
  4. Mercedes Benz SLR
  5. Sin R1
  6. Ferrari F12tdf
  7. SCG 003S
  8. Ferrari 488 GTB
  9. Cadillac Cien
  10. Lamborghini Asterion
  11. Ford GT
  12. Exotic Rides W70
  13. Jaguar F-Type
  14. Aston Martin DB11
  15. Porsche 911 GTS
Asphalt 9

Best Asphalt 9 Class C Cars

The Vencer Sarthe is the best car in this class and the Dodge Challenger SRT8, a not-so-good one.

asphalt 9 best class c cars
  1. Vencer Sarthe
  2. Acura NSX
  3. Pinifarina H2
  4. Maserati Alfieri
  5. BMW M4 GTS
  6. Mercedes-Benz AMG
  7. Dodge Viper ACR
  8. Rezvani Beast X
  9. Lotus Evora Sport
  10. Chevrolet Camaro ZL1
  11. BWM 3.0 CSL Hommage
  12. Dodge Challenger SRT8
Asphalt 9

Best Asphalt 9 Class D Cars

This is the class that you first start off with in the game as it is the lowest class of cars. However, the class has some extraordinary cars that you can upgrade to win races. The Porse 911 Targa is the way to go from this class and you might want to avoid the BMW Z4.

asphalt 9 best class d cars
  1. Porsche 911 Targa
  2. Dodge Challenger Hemi
  3. Ford Shelby GT350R
  4. Ginetta G60
  5. Lotus Elise
  6. Porsche 718 Cayman
  7. Chevrolet Camaro GS
  8. DS e-Tense
  9. Volkswagen XL Sport
  10. Nissan 370Z NISMO
  11. Mitsubishi Lancer Evo
  12. BMW Z4