Asphalt 9

Asphalt 9: Top 5 Tips And Tricks

#1 Customize Your Driving Controls

One of the first things that users need to take care of is their driving controls in the settings. There are multiple ways players can go about this depending on their comfortability. You can start off by experimenting and seeing which suits you best. Once you find the right controls, stick to them and let your muscle memory take it to the next level gradually.

alphalt 9 tips

You can opt for the Touchdrive option to just race tapping a few interactive buttons. This is easier and helps players focus on the track. However, if you are someone who has always like the classic way of playing Asphalt, you can opt for gyro driving. The gyro does make it more complex but, does retain the conventional way of playing the game. One can also use on-screen steering and acceleration controls to play the game.

#2 Optimizing The Nitro Usage

One of the best ways to bag that first place is by knowing when to use nitro and when not to. If you conserve nitro and time its usage perfectly, the game is yours. From maintaining speed in long stretches to overtaking that persistent first place holder, using nitro at the right time can make a big difference.

alphalt 9 tips and tricks

#3 Collecting Flags

Collecting flags is of crucial importance in Asphalt 9 as it helps players in progressing season on season. Moreover, it helps players earn more game modes as well which sustains the fun of it. Furthermore, 10 flags gives players access to the ‘Clubs’ section of the game where you can connect with your friends. 15 flags gives players access to ‘Limited Time Races’ which offer amazing prizes that no other mode can give you. Additionally, 20 flags gives players access to the ‘Multiplayer’ section which allows you to compete with players from across the globe. This makes the game highly competitive but at the same allows players to get better at the game.

asphalt 9 collecting flags

#4 Upgrading Cars

Upgrading cars to the highest possible level gives you that advantage of winning a race. Coming up with the right mixture of speed, handling, acceleration and nitro is what can help you win a race. It is not always about speed but a balance of all these elements which takes your game to the next level.

asphalt 9 car upgrades

#5 Replaying Races For More Cash

It is important to replay races even if you have won it before. Replaying races offers players with the opportunity to get more cash. Moreover, it also acts as a great way to practice for tough races in the future.

asphalt 9 replaying races